I have been meaning to put this together for a whole long time, but my little gentleman likes to demand my undivided attention at any moment that I’m not already giving him my undivided attention. Anyways its 2:00AM and at this moment he’s sleeping and I’m making Twinkies for my sweet suga dumpin and I’m waiting for them to cool before I fill them with magic so I have a moment to write. This magnetic dry erase board thing was fun to make and is slowly turning into my brain. It helps me keep track of documents I need to retain, checks to deposit, to-do lists, shopping lists, upcoming events, and most importantly, lots of pictures of my baby. It was pretty easy and I wanted to share:

It all started with this cool frame I found at a thrift store for $3 a few years ago. It was used as a prop for photos in two of my girlfriend’s weddings and then it sat in my mom’s garage for a while.


Then I stumbled upon this .28 gauge steel at Home Depot and remembered from my goin-ta-skool days that steel is magnetic. And then, as the guy from Despicable Me would say, the little voice in my head said, “LIGHT BULB!” And I went and dug the frame out of my mom’s garage.


My bright idea included using my handy staple gun from my reupholstery days to staple the steel to the back, however that did not work out so well. The worst part of this is my hubs told me before I ever started that the staple gun wasn’t going to work and I was sure I was going to prove him wrong. So then I had to giggle and look cute and adorable so he wouldn’t bust out with the Told Ya Sos. No one like a gloater, honey.


So this was when I left the whole project in the hands of my handsome handyman. I cannot tell you what he used to attach them because I was too busy thinking about how adorable he is to pay any attention. But I do know he got the screws for it at our local Ace Hardware/post office.

So in summary, here is the math equation-

Thrift Store Frame+Steel Sheets+Screws+one heck of a handsome husband= this awesome magnetic board

And in conclusion, here are the Twinkies I made tonight. I’ll let you know how they turned out once the resident Twinkie expert gives em a try.


Also, I almost published this post with every reference to “steel” spelt “steal”. Oh how embarrassing!