Ok, the story goes that when my Grandma Eve was a young newlywed in England, she met a woman on the bus who was a cook in the Queen’s kitchen. Since she was new to the domestical world, the woman offered to teach her how to cook. One of the things she taught her was how to make a pastry crust. Ok fast forward 70-ish years, I was making pie for my hubby and searching for the perfect pie crust recipe. I decided that the pie crust that was fed to her majesty must have been pretty smashing.

Tracking the recipe down though, was a whole different story! I put out an APB to all my Aunts and hoped someone managed to get my grandma to give it to them. (APB means All Points Bulletin for those of you who don’t watch Law and Order) Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for it… In this day and age, with these young people and their iPod cell phones and their ready made frozen pie crusts, who would hold onto a recipe to make it from scratch? Imagine my delight today when I got an email from my awesome Aunt Erika with the following attachment:

The original recipe in my Grandma’s hand writing! (I would recognize that handwriting anywhere, it’s the scroll that used to sign my birthday checks when I was a little girl!) I was soo excited to get home and make the Queens pie crust. Here is the record of my attempt:

I started out by weighing out 1 lb of self-rising flour and 1/2 lb of butter. Although my Grandma’s recipe says margarine is fine, I went with good butter. I’ve had bad luck with margarine in pie crust in the past, man.


Nextly, I added some sugar, salt and baking powder.


I started out trying to use my electric mixer to “rub the fat into the dry ingredients”, but pretty soon my whole kitchen looked like a paper mâché project, so I ended up using a fork to mash that bad boy.


Next, I added the egg yoke and kept mixing. Sorry I forgot a picture, so let your imagination go wild here.

The final instruction on the recipe my Aunt sent said to add ice water until dough is crumbly but not wet. Pouring about 2 tablespoons at a time, I mixed the ice water in until I got the right consistency. (sorry I forgot to measure how much that was. And yes, I did use my fancy mason jar for this.)


Since that was all we have from my Granny, I’m drawing from my own pie making experience for the rest of this. If you know of a better way to go about it, please tell me!!

So next, I rolled my dough up and wrapped it in cellophane and refrigerated it for about 2 hours.


This was when I put my baby in his jammies. He’s so cute in his pajammies. This kid kills me.

Ok, after the dough chilled, I rolled that sucker out and put it in my pie tin. (Note: Next time I do this, I am going to roll the dough thinner. Probably about a quarter inch. Also, I think this recipe would be enough for 2 pies if the dough is thinner.)


Finally, I put my filling in (pumpkin) and put the whole enchilada in the oven.


Whew when it was finally ready, we ate it all up and it was good to the last bite! And yes, I did eat it with a spoon. I like to live dangerously.


Here’s the recipe I used today:
1 lb – Self-Rising Flour
1 cup – Cold Butter
1 Tsp- Sugar
1 Tsp- Salt
1 Pinch – Baking Powder
1 egg yoke

-Mix dry Ingredients together
– Add butter and mash everything together with a fork
-Add egg yoke
-Add ice water about 2 tablespoons at a time until dough is crumbly, but not wet
-Wrap in cellophane and refrigerate for a couple hours
-Roll crust out an put in pie dish
-Add filling and bake as directed