Since Tuesdays are my hubs day off and we like to have a nice breakfast together, I was planning to have a breakfast tutorial from whatever I made every Tuesday. Howevvvvver, due to a catastrophic cake-scapade that was to be for a bridal shower tonight, I fed my hubs lotttts of cake for breakfast.


Instead, today’s “Tuesdays Breakfast Tutorial” will be for the yummy, creamy iced coffee I’ve come to depend every morning.

When we decided I would quit my job to stay home with our little muchacho, one of the commitments I made to help us save money was to give up my morning Starbucks. At about $4 a day, that saves us $124 dollars a month! $1,488 a year! $148,800 a century! Woo Hoo we’re going to be rich, honey! Anyways… To supplement my caffeine addiction, I began a massive research project for the perfect homemade iced coffee. After several attempts, (including totally abandoning the idea of homemade creamer) here is my go-to recipe:

Firstly, you take a bag of coffee grounds and dump it in a gallon of water. We are usually a Dunkin Donuts coffee family, but I went with Seattle’s Best because it was on sale at Fry’s for 5.99, and I had a $1.50 off coupon. Dude, I tried so hard to put a link to the coupon here, but I couldn’t figure it out. Anyways, it expires 11/30/12, if you’re going to buy a bag of Seattle’s Best coffee, make sure to find the coupon!


Ok, now you just put your gallon of coffee ground water in the fridge overnight to “brew”. The reason for this is if you hot brew with a coffee maker, it gets that bitter old coffee taste once you refrigerate it.

Once it’s cold brewed, you just use a mesh strainer with a coffee filter to filter out the coffee grounds. Now this takes a while, but you can pour it in the filter and go about your day while it filters. Also, you might want to replace the coffee filter every two or so pours. The good thing is, once you’ve brewed it, it last for a few weeks in the fridge (I’ve heard it lasts a month, but I usually devour a gallon in about 3 weeks, so I’m not sure)


Now all that’s left to do is throw some ice, your homemade, cold-brewed coffee, and lotsss of creamer (coupons abound for creamer!) in your finest mason jar with a straw and you have yourself a delicious glass of iced coffee!



Ok the damages for this coffee: This cost me 4.49 for the coffee, plus 1.79 for the creamer, divided by 16 cups it makes equals .39 a cup. Give or take. If my math serves me correctly.

That is all. The end.