It’s Christmastime! It’s Hanukkahtime! It’s Kwanzaatime! Wahoo! Happy Christma-Hanu-Kwanzaa to all! To kick off our holiday season, I am holding my very first giveaway!

The inspiration behind this is that I was recently was cleaning my house and came across a folder with several gift cards in it. Some of them have been used once or twice, some not at all. Many of them I’ve had for years but always forgot to use when I was at the establishment they were intended for. Sooooo to spread the Christmas cheer, I would like to give a lucky someone an envelope with 5 mystery gift cards. Here are some details-

1. I’m not telling you what they are for, but I will say one or maybe two can be redeemed for ice cream. And one of them rhymes with Charbucks.

2. None of the gift cards can be redeemed for carrots. Or sardines.

3. I personally do not know the value of the gift cards but I do know they’re somewhere between .25 and $25 each. Unless I throw in my Blockbuster card, which holds a value of approx -$3.00.

4. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what your favorite Christmas movie is. If you don’t have a favorite Christmas movie, just say something like, “Bah-hum-bug!” Or “I like cherry pie!” Or something like that.
NOTE- you DO NOT have to sign into WordPress to leave a comment, just leave the login fields blank.

5. My favorite Christmas movie this year is Elf. My baby has an Elf costume. And he loves to smile. Smiling is his favorite!


6. Here’s another cute picture of my little elf.

7. This giveaway closes next Thursday, Dec 6 at midnight. I hope every single person who reads this participates.

Alright that is all and good luck to all!


PS- These awesome pictures of my baby were provided by my very good friends at Two Mothers McGill. Thanks Teri and Ashleigh for the great pictures!