My childhood friend, Britt, is getting married this weekend and I’m so thrilled for her! She and her fiance have been together for like a bazillion years and we all think its about dang time! Britt is going to love wife-hood. If I’d known marriage was so awesome, I wouldn’t have waited until the ripe old age of 26 to give it a shot.

Anyways, imagine my delight when the bride-to-be bestowed upon me the highest honor you could possibly place on a gal…. She asked me to make her rehearsal dinner cupcakes!

Cupcakes are my favorite things. So much so that I have a special drawer in my kitchen just for sprinkles.


You know that person who has the one dish they bring to every potluck and family gathering? Like you Aunt Milred’s “famous” green bean casserole? Oh yay she brought it again. Thats what these cupcakes are to me. They’re super easy and they spread goodwill and magical fairy dust wherever they go. Ok here’s what I did.

Firstly, I made cupcakes using a box of white cake mix. I’m a big supporter of cake mixes. However, if you have a special homemade cake recipe, please share it with me!
Side note: the recipes my grandma got from the Queen of England (see this post) included a cake recipe, so you will see that on a future post.

Ok so secondly, I made the filling:
1 package of softened cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
a healthy amount of strawberry preserves
about a quarter cup of whipping cream to make it fluffy (cream everything together real good before you add the whipping cream).


The lovely thing about this filling is it’s going to be covered by the cupcake, so it is very forgiving. You can be a creative as you want with it, as long as its nice and creamy so it goes in the cuppy easily. Oreos, for example, jam the tip and make the bag break.

Now I make a pastry bag with my Wilton tip 230 (this magical tip is specially designed for filling cupcakes, however in my cake classes, some people got the same effect using any large, round tip). Once your pastry bag is ready, inject it into the cupcake. Easy peasy.


Ok now for the frosting. Normally I make a delicious whipped cream cheese frosting so I can eat about half of it while frosting the cake, however, since this is a special occasion, I used this perfect crusting buttercream recipe. Crusting Buttercream is more stable and therefore will hold that swirly, prettiful shape better.

Ok once I have them bad boys frosted, I slap a fresh strawberry on it and then give one to my hubs to sample. He points out he prefers his cupcakes with frosting other than buttercream. I love that guy. Ok this is how they looked:


If you have any great cupcake recipes or ideas, please share with me! I love cupcakes times infinity!

That is all, the end.