This morning my baby and I took our final walk to the coffee shop down the street and got our last cup of iced coffee. Then we came home, loaded all our belongings into my father-in-laws trailer, and moved out of our downtown apartment to a house on a couple of acres in the middle of nowhere.


While I’ll miss being able to walk to coffee shops, the library, and all the excitement on 4th avenue, there are several reasons why I’m ecstatic for this new adventure:

1. Our first night here, and a cow has already come to welcome us to the neighborhood.

2. Unlike our apartment that was the size of a largish shoebox, we have room for a kitchen table now! That means our tv trays are officially going into retirement!

3. I can plant a rose garden and a vegetable garden and an herb garden and and and… Well that’s all the gardens I can think of that I would want to start at the moment.

4. I think we will have less homeless men trying to guilt trip me into giving them my peanut butter and jelly breakfast sandwich out here.

5. I finally have space to use the bread maker that Carlos got me for Christmas last year that is still in the original box, never opened.

6. Going out for fast food pretty much isn’t an option. At least not a convenient one.

7. We have the awesome opportunity to live off the land and eat more homemade, unprocessed, unpackaged food. Except we will never ever own chickens. I have to draw the line somewhere.

8. If we want to build a guest house, or a garage, 2 guest houses and 3 garages, or a whole kingdom, we can. Anything we want! Or at least it feels that way in comparison to the apartment we just moved out of a few hours ago.

9. I had a great one for number nine but I just lost it. I’m so tired from our long day of moving and from writing a list with 9 numbers on it, I think I will call it a night! More on this awesome house later!

PS- my baby is licking my arm at the moment.