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Helllllllo 2013!

Well hello people of the year 2013! So glad the Mayan’s were wrong and we get to keep on livin!

If you’ve noticed an unusual lack of posts from MrsPen, it is because we have been so so busy so far this year. This is what we’ve accomplished so far:

January 1, 2013

We kicked off the new year snuggled up on the couch watching a movie together. BEST.NEW.YEARS.EVE.evvverrr

Also, our old neighbors from when we lived downtown, Clint and Sheila, came and hung out with us. Miss Sheila taught my baby to color. Mostly he chewed on the crayons.

January 2, 2013

Some days are meant for being productive, some days are meant for making goofy faces in the camera.

January 3, 2013

Just when I kick my Starbucks addiction, they start selling Cranberry Bliss Bars again. They know how to reel me back in. They know. Anyhow, this is the last one of the season, thank The Lord.

January 4, 2013

Early morning cuddle sesh with papa. The only word my baby knows so far is Dada.

January 5, 2013

My baby gets to eat real food now. When he was going to baby school, I think he missed the class where they told him food goes in your mouth, not all over the floor. Anyways, this was his first taste of pears, and it was also the first thing he’s tried that he actually likes! He tasted every piece before he threw it on the floor.

January 6, 2013

My hubs’ best buddy from college came and visited. The two of them sat around the fire talking all night long. After they burnt all the wood, they threw in the box that the fire pit came in and burnt that too. Boys and their fire.

January 7, 2013

Lazy Monday and a family nap! God bless 2013, I hope every week is like this one!


The Give Away Results!


Ok so our little giveaway game closed last night, and I would like to thank every single person who took the time to comment. This has been so very very fun.

I know you all are waiting for the results in eager anticipation. I’m sure the question everyone is dying to get answer to is “Well what is the best Christmas movie????” I know thats what you’re dying to know. To answer this question, I took the data you ladies contributed and created spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets. Some would call me nerdy, but I call myself Peniel. Here are the results:

The Top 5 most Popular Christmas Movies:
1. White Christmas
2. Love Actually
3. Elf
4. A Christmas Story
5. Christmas Shoes
6. The Grinch
7. It’s a Wonderful Life

(The last six are tied for 2nd place, that’s why there are more than 5)

I know you guys would prefer to see a pie chart about this. I know that about you guys.


With 16% of the votes, the most popular Christmas movie is White Christmas. And much to my own embarrassment, I’ve never seen that movie. I’ll be fixing that problem tonight though. Don’t worry about me.

Now for the giveaway results!! About these mystery gift cards. This is what they are for:

1. Starbucks
2. Forever 21
3. Starbucks
4. Cold Stone Creamery
5. Bath and Body Works
6. Starbucks
7. Cold Stone Creamery

I’m realizing my counting to 5 skillz are rusty. By the way, one of the Starbucks cards only has .36 on it, but I’m not sure which.

To figure who the winner is, I assigned each entry a number, and then let Random.Org choose a number.


Ol’ Randy chose number 10. Number 10 is assigned to…..


Emily!!! Emily said:

I love ALL Christmas movies, although I’ve never seen White Christmas so it seems like that’s something I need to do

Thank you Emily for making me feel better about my lack of watching White Christmas skillz. I’ll arrange to send you your bounty shortly!

Also, I would like to recognize Kara for her creativity in contributing that Cinnamon Rolls are her favorite movie. Good one Kara. And my mom, because her favorite Christmas movie is pictures of me. You crazy gals! Oh and my baby would like to recognize his cousin Chico who donated that freakin cute Santa costume to him. He’s going to be wearing that every day for the rest of them month.

Thanks so much for participating!! We’ll have to do this again soon! I’ll let you know what I find next time I clean my house.

WAHOOO! This is a give-away!


It’s Christmastime! It’s Hanukkahtime! It’s Kwanzaatime! Wahoo! Happy Christma-Hanu-Kwanzaa to all! To kick off our holiday season, I am holding my very first giveaway!

The inspiration behind this is that I was recently was cleaning my house and came across a folder with several gift cards in it. Some of them have been used once or twice, some not at all. Many of them I’ve had for years but always forgot to use when I was at the establishment they were intended for. Sooooo to spread the Christmas cheer, I would like to give a lucky someone an envelope with 5 mystery gift cards. Here are some details-

1. I’m not telling you what they are for, but I will say one or maybe two can be redeemed for ice cream. And one of them rhymes with Charbucks.

2. None of the gift cards can be redeemed for carrots. Or sardines.

3. I personally do not know the value of the gift cards but I do know they’re somewhere between .25 and $25 each. Unless I throw in my Blockbuster card, which holds a value of approx -$3.00.

4. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what your favorite Christmas movie is. If you don’t have a favorite Christmas movie, just say something like, “Bah-hum-bug!” Or “I like cherry pie!” Or something like that.
NOTE- you DO NOT have to sign into WordPress to leave a comment, just leave the login fields blank.

5. My favorite Christmas movie this year is Elf. My baby has an Elf costume. And he loves to smile. Smiling is his favorite!


6. Here’s another cute picture of my little elf.

7. This giveaway closes next Thursday, Dec 6 at midnight. I hope every single person who reads this participates.

Alright that is all and good luck to all!


PS- These awesome pictures of my baby were provided by my very good friends at Two Mothers McGill. Thanks Teri and Ashleigh for the great pictures!

To the Man of My Dreams…

If you know my husband, you know this is the last thing he would want broadcasted for the world to see. But he’s just so awesome I can’t resist.













13 is an unlucky number.




Apparently 18 is an unlucky number too.




Nov 22- I don’t know where to begin. You’re my hero, my love, my handyman, my best friend, my roommate, my suga daddy, my mechanic, and my fairy tale. Marrying you was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much and I can’t wait to share a hundred more Thanksgivings with you.

Hello World!

Wow… so this is a blog!  I sent out a message to all of the smartest people i know on Facebook asking which blog platform I should use, and many of my smartest, most esteemed associates recommended WordPress. So i’m taking a stab at it.I’m super excited to have a place to talk about all my favorite things. Here is a list of them:

1. My handsome sweet smiley awesome baby. He is the highlight of my life. 2nd only to my handsome sweet smiley awesome hubby, Los.  He will actually also be one of the movie stars of my blog.

This is my incredible baby!

2. Cooking stuff and baking stuff. My approach to cooking is to make a list of ingredients I have on hand and figure out what can be made from them.  Like the apple pie you see below us.

This is an apple pie I recently made.

3. Making stuff.  Like crocheting, sewing, other such stuff.  Yesh if its super dorky, I probably love doing it.

This is a jewelery holder I made for my frand Channa for Xmas one year.

4. Ok this one is actually uncharted territory. Hopefully I will fill this blog with lots of house projects and gardening projects because GUESS WHAT? We bought a house today! Whhaat!?


Ok that is all for now.  Thanks and goodnight Continue reading “Hello World!”

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