ESC_4828Hi there! I’m Peniel Macias. I’m a wife to the most awesome wood-working, comic-book-reading, redneck mechanic in the world and mom to two of the most awesome talkative, smiley, wiggly, colorful little man-toddlers in the world. I take care of my boys for a living and I love every moment of it. We live on an open range in the middle of nowhere and do not own a television (ok we own one, but it doesn’t pickup any channels). To entertain myself, I stay busy cooking, making ice cream, baking, sewing, wood-working, home-improving, gardening… I have about eleventy billion hobbies that I’m dying to tell you about. I’m using this blog to share my excitement for the never-ending projects I have going on and the amusement of life on the ranch. Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day!

Mrs Pen