Here’s what we have to report for this week:


1. My tomato plant has FOUR buds now!!! I’m going to make salsa and spaghetti sauce and tomatoes and ketchup and all the things with my homegrown tomatoes!


2. I found this picture this week. It’s of my hubs as a child.


3. He hasn’t changed much over the last 25 years.


4. My baby went to his first Ugly Sweater Party last night! He won the most festive sweater award.


5. His Uncle Davey won the ugliest sweater award. Uncle Davey is wearing a sweater from his everyday sweater collection. What can I say, we have a talent for ugly sweaters in our family.


6. Here’s another awkward family photo.


7. Here’s another awkward family photo taken this week. Our kid is so lucky.


8. In other Christmas news, we have a special room in our house for Santa’s Workshop. Except instead of cute little elfs, my hubs works in it. And instead of making toys, he makes rifles. Otherwise it’s almost identical to the North Pole.


9. In more other Christmas news, this is what we’re leaving out for Santa on Christmas eve this year. Hostess will always be alive in our home.


10. In more other Christmas news, my baby just wrote his letter to Santa. Yes I am THAT mom. Well to be honest, he dictated it to me and I wrote it. But the chew marks on the corner are straight from him.

So that’s what we have for you this week. Happy Hanukah to those of you celebrating this week!

MrsPen, my baby and my big ol’ Elf