I just don’t know where to begin this week..


1. Yesterday I came home to find 4 cows pacing back and forth on the road leading to our house. Were they staging a protest? Practicing the dramatization of their “How did the cow cross the road?” jokes? I’m not really sure.

2. We got a dishwasher this week! My friend Meredith pointed out we’re not exactly roughing it anymore. I feel no guilt. I feel no guilt.

3. A few weeks ago I mentioned I took a back road and nearly killed myself (read about it here). Well now that’s my favorite shortcut into town. Thank God for Ford pickup trucks.


4. This sign indicates that you are on a dirt road. It is approximately 2 miles from any paved roads, in every direction. I appreciate the head’s up.

5. With a heavy heart I must tell you one of our neighborhood cows went to be with the Lord this week. That’s how I learned that if a cow is laying on the side of the road, they put one of those neon stickers on their hiney, like they do for abandoned vehicles.


6. These gals had a little less pep in their step that day. Betsy, you’re always in our hearts and memories. Gone but not forgotten.


7. In more sad news, I’m sure everyone knows about the loss of one of America’s most beloved snack companies. In other words, I don’t have any room on my freezer at the moment.


8. My baby experienced his first and probably last Hostess Cupcake this week. Well at least he got a good taste of the wrapper.


9. He got a taste of a lot of things this week. He also said his first words. It sounded like “GUH-BUH-THhBt” but I’m pretty sure that means “I love you mama.”


10. As I already mentioned, we had a couple of our great friends over for a Pre-thanksgiving practice feast this week. It was the highlight of my week. I’m not kidding y’all, each and every one of you is invited over to the ranch for dinner! Just shout me a hollar.

11. Most importantly, I hope every single one of you has a safe and freakin awesome Thanksgiving and you stuff your face and you get so full you can’t look at a turkey for a whole year without feeling full again. That’s what I’ll be doing on Thursday.

In loving memory of Betsy, Twinkies, and our Thanksgiving turkey.