1. We had a special event today, so both my guys wore their best flannel. Apparently they have the same best flannel. Awkward.


2. We survived our first rainstorm this week. Storms are a big deal because the road to our house turns into the Great Lakes in the rain. I love this adventure more when I can pretend I’m a pioneer roughing it in the olden days. (Well sorta… Don’t take away my indoor plumbing)

3. My nephews go to school not far from us. Their school got put on alert because there was a black bear siting nearby. So there’s that.


4. The biggest deal this week was our town’s Pecan Festival. Our pecan orchard is the largest in the world. It was converted from a cotton farm in the late 60’s when synthetic fiber was developed and cotton farms were no longer as necessary. Did you know that? Me neither until I read the brochure a few minutes ago.


5. My baby wore his Batman hat to the festivities. A lady asked me why he was dressed like a teddy bear. Um… Lady…


6. This is an ice cream maker made out of a super old tractor engine from this farm. This is scientifical proof that God created me to live here.


7. This is a goat at the Pecan Festival.

8. The Pecan Festival happened to be on my husband’s parent’s front lawn. There were some chickens running around that were part of the pecan festivities, and they were mistaken for renegade chickens that belonged to my in-laws and were thrown into their chicken coop. My mother-in-law had to sort out which chickens belonged to them and which were part of the festival. That’s a problem I never thought I’d encounter.

9. If you did the math, you might have figured out that my hubs grew up in the middle of the world’s largest pecan farm. He hates pecan pie. The irony kills me.


10. There was a George Strait cover band at the festival. George Strait will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first concert my hubs and I went to. The next one will be Reba and the next one will be Johnny Cash. I swear.


11. In conclusion here is a freakin adorable picture of my baby. He is not dressed like a teddy bear.