And this is what we have to show for ourselves this week:


1. Our town’s hardware store is having a very exciting sale. 50% off Christmas Tooth Pick holders. Get em while they’re still here folks!!


2. I went to the right farmer’s market this time, it was not in a nursing home.


3. This is a goat hanging out at the Farmer’s market.

4. My baby brother was coming over for dinner, and I texted him to see how far away he was. He said he might have gone too far because he was almost to the international border. Nope, that meant he was almost here.


5. My hub’s family runs a successful farm in Mexico. When we moved here, this little orange tree was dead. He took it under his wing and now it has flowers! Once a farmer, always a farmer.

6. Another plant under my care has gone to be with the lord.

7. I don’t mean to brag, but my tomato plant still isn’t dead! I’m going to feed all the children of Africa with it.


8. We might not get nippy weather or autumny colors, but when I see the fields of dried out buffalo grass and cactuses around our house, it makes me want to cozy up around the fire with some apple cider.

9. I have a gnarly mark from when I spilled a frying pan of sizzling butter on my thigh this week. Luckily, pain doesn’t feel too bad now that I’ve experienced natural childbirth.

10. I was going to show you a picture of my burn, then I realized most people don’t think it’s as cool as I do.


11. This is my handsome farmer. I’m gonna go make him some biscuits and gravy.

12. That is all, the end.