1. I wore what I thought was my Sunday Best to church. When I got home, I realized I looked like I was pretending to be a Texas Beauty Queen.


2. And my baby looked like Lil’ Abner.


3. This week my baby learned how to put his binky in mouth and escape from his little bouncy seat, and he got his first log cabin.


4. And he got some livestock.*

5. My hubs caught a mouse and asked me with sincere concern to stay away from the trap until he could get home and take care of it. Um… Don’t worry honey, not a single bone in my body wants to go near that wild beast.

6. The next day he caught a bigger mouse, and then I felt like I should mosey on over and check the situation out.


7. I went to our town’s Farmer’s Market. They sold stuff from farms. Well that’s what I would have found if I had gone to the right Farmer’s Market. I got lost and ended up at a Farmer’s Market in the next town over. It was in a nursing home.

8. Our moonshining friend from last week gave me his family’s bread recipe and offered me some of his choice rum.

9. My hubs’ declined the offer for free rum. I’ve never drank in my life and he thought homemade whiskey would be an unpleasant introduction to the world of alcohol.**


9. We went to a harvest festival last night and ran into every single person we know.


10. I’m so excited to take my little Batman trick-or-treating, but there are only 2 houses within a mile of us and I think one of them is just used for livestock… I’m not sure how this is going to work.

11. I feel like I had more to tell you about, but nothing’s coming to me right now. I’m going to go back to sleep.

12. That is all, the end.

*This is at his grandparents’ house. Both sets of grandparents have chickens. We never will. I swear.

**I just found out rum and whiskey are not the same thing.