Now that we’re three weeks into being homeowners, and three weeks out of touch with our favorite TV shows, and three weeks clean from our ordering take-out addiction, this is what we have to show for ourselves:


1. My hubs traded a rifle he built for a brand new Ford pickup truck. (When I say “brand-new”, I mean it was built when I was in kindergarten.) So now we have two pickup trucks in our driveway. I think I need to make cookies for the environment.


2. I made this Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes recipe for my handsome cowboy. It was so good. Not a single pound was lost that day.

3. I’m sad to report 2 of the 3 plants we bought at our local Ace Hardware Post Office last week have already died.

4. I don’t mean to brag, but my tomato plant isn’t dead yet.

5. Our local moonshiner pointed out we have a plant on our property that he could make several gallons of tequila with. I declined his offer to take it off our hands, but told him he could have all the brush and weeds he wants! We also have a large ant hill. Maybe he could do something with that. I don’t know.


6. In his latest song, Brad Paisley says a redneck is someone who drives a truck, drinks tea, owns a gun, and wears a ball cap and boots. I think married a bonafied redneck.

7. Seeing Brad Paisley in concert is on my bucket list. So is Reba. And Johnny Cash. Please don’t tell me I can’t.


8. My baby is a huge Johnny Cash fan.

9. There is one drawback to living in the middle of nowhere- if you have to use the bathroom really bad but the water is off because your well is disconnected because your hubs is installing a fancy water filtration system, and you can’t drive anywhere because your keys are in your hubby’s truck and he’s halfway to town getting more parts, you are out of options. Well there is one option for relieving yourself, but I am not country enough for that yet.


10. Then the sun started setting and I forgot the inconvenience of not being able to go to the bathroom.


11. My baby has two teeth now! He’s just a tooth or two away from his first corn on the cob. (Thanks for the great pic Marissa)


12. This week I discovered my passion and calling for making ice cream. If you come for dinner here on the ranch you will most likely be stuffed silly with homemade ice cream.

13. That is all. The end.