1. This is the Neighborhood Watch Committee.


2. I wore my finest cowboy boots to a fancy wedding rehearsal dinner. And my baby wore his finest flannel shirt.


3. Our church is in a middle school cafeteria, our Pediatrician is in a Baptist Church, our Post Office is in an Ace Hardware store.

4. I took a back road “short cut” and thought I was going to die. Also, my car desperately needs me to wash the bugs off the windshield.


5. I finally started my garden!


6. Just kidding, thats not my garden. But we did buy 3 plants from our local Ace Hardware Post Office. The cashier gave me some gardening tips and then said to come back for a visit soon so she can see my baby again.

7. Apparently the process for setting up mail service out here is to nail a mailbox to the row of mailboxes lined up at the nearest paved road. In any order you want, for any house on any dirt road nearby. I’m going to make our mail lady cookies.


8. We finally invested in fine china! I now own a dozen pieces of this elegant glassware.


9. My hubby’s buddy hit a cow and totaled his truck on a road not far from us. I now have a real healthy fear of cows in the road.

10. We had our first guests here on the ranch! Our favorite San Francisconians came over to share a country morning and some burnt bacon with us.


11. A prize will be awarded to the person who thinks of the best caption for that picture.

12. My baby would like to tell Aunt Claressa to please come back and hang out with us again soon.

13. If you are reading this and can brave cow-infested dirt roads, you are invited to the ranch for dinner.

14. With all the wedding stuff going on this week, I got nostalgic over my own wedding day. It was the best day of my life. and began the best marriage of my life. I plan to write more about this in a future post. Perhaps that doesn’t relate to living in the country, but I just love my hubs, man!


15. That is all. The end.