Here are some of the highlights of my first week on the open range:

1. The well wasn’t working the first day we were here so we did not have running water. I really felt like a real pioneer that day. Then my angelic friend Marissa saved the day and got someone to turn it on.


2. This originally included a list of dangerous critters we have to be careful about out here, but I don’t want to discourage anyone from coming to visit us.

3. We have the accommodations for horses and chickens on our property, but do not have any pets yet. Except for my pet monkey.


4. These are the animals who have come to visit: A big bull, a little bull, 3 horses, 2 road runners, a pack rat, an owl, a lizard, and a dragon fly. I swear, if I see any javelinas, I’ll shoot them. Let that be a warning to you javies.

5. I found this pen thing on our property… Any guesses what it’s for? I’m going with wrestling match ring.


6. I learnt how to make country buttermilk biscuits from scratch. For my handsome cowboy.


7. The sunsets from my front porch make me so happy I could die!


8. At this moment I’m listening to a pack of coyotes howl. And a cow moo.

9. I love these scenic country roads so much I don’t mind that it takes me 36 minutes to get to the nearest Target.

10. I can’t wait to give my baby a mullet. I know this doesn’t relate to this post, I just realized how freakin cute it would be.


11. We are officially a No TV family since the type of internet available to us out here does not allow the use of Hulu. Now I know why Cracker Barrel sells checker boards.

12. My hubs thinks we should tear down these plants because it obstructs the view of the mountains from the back porch, but I like them. Any thoughts?


13. That is all. The end.