Wow… so this is a blog!  I sent out a message to all of the smartest people i know on Facebook asking which blog platform I should use, and many of my smartest, most esteemed associates recommended WordPress. So i’m taking a stab at it.I’m super excited to have a place to talk about all my favorite things. Here is a list of them:

1. My handsome sweet smiley awesome baby. He is the highlight of my life. 2nd only to my handsome sweet smiley awesome hubby, Los.  He will actually also be one of the movie stars of my blog.

This is my incredible baby!

2. Cooking stuff and baking stuff. My approach to cooking is to make a list of ingredients I have on hand and figure out what can be made from them.  Like the apple pie you see below us.

This is an apple pie I recently made.

3. Making stuff.  Like crocheting, sewing, other such stuff.  Yesh if its super dorky, I probably love doing it.

This is a jewelery holder I made for my frand Channa for Xmas one year.

4. Ok this one is actually uncharted territory. Hopefully I will fill this blog with lots of house projects and gardening projects because GUESS WHAT? We bought a house today! Whhaat!?


Ok that is all for now.  Thanks and goodnight